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Smart Kookie Bakeshop

Artisan hand-crafted baked goods. Always sugar-free, gluten-free, keto-approved and low-carb

"Gluten Free" "Smart Kookies" "Keto Snacks" "Keto Cookies" "Smart Cookies" "Keto Treats"

Gluten & Grain free

Made with natural & organic almond and coconut flour.

"Sugar Free" "Smart Kookies" "Keto Snacks" "Keto Cookies" "Smart Cookies" "Keto Treats"


Non-gmo plant based sweeteners.

"Low Carb" "Smart Kookies" "Keto Snacks" "Keto Cookies" "Smart Cookies" "Keto Treats"

1 Net Carb

Ketogenic & Lowcarb approved!


These SMART COOKIES are just that smart because they comfort me without the aftermath of the guilt. The only guilt I feel is hiding them from the kids because they love the taste of them too.

Angela Y.

Yum Yum! And my super picky 3.5 year old loves them!!!

Pearl P.

The cookies are so yummy, I was able to try a few flavours and it is hard not to eat the whole bag.

Deanne R.

I am in love! I will never have an excuse to break away from lifestyle because these kookies hit my sweet tooth in all the right places!

Sarine D.

This is by far the best keto cookies I've eaten! They are like eating a piece of heaven.

Liana C.

Thank God for Smart Kookies for those days when my cravings for snacking is high and I really don't want to sacrifice my diet for unhealthy snacks. These "sinfully" tasty kookies don't last a week in my house.

Francine S.

I don't know how you did it, but these are just the best cookies EVER!

Brian N.

These kookies are just ridiculous! I never need to eat a regular cookie.....ever again.

Sally H.

Excellent Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies! Yummy!!

Michelle D.

All of our specialty baked goods are Keto certified! We don't use any conventional flours or sugar in our baking.