Meet The Smart Kookie Herself

    Her love affair with bakery style cookies started as a young child which permeated her passion for baking by the age of 12. Fast-forward 24 years later and once she embarked on her Keto journey, her love and desperation to eat cookies fuelled her to go into creation mode immediately! 

She knew if she was going to stick to her new healthy way of eating, she needed a replacement for her most favourite treat EVER…..cookies.

They had to be, grain-free & sugar free in order to remain healthy, yet they needed to TASTE like cookies! After many frustrating attempts and nearly giving up, the awaited EUREKA moment happened. 

She successfully managed to make a super healthy cookie that actually didn’t taste healthy! These Kookies became a crucial part of her weight loss journey and she is excited to share these in hopes of making the world a healthier & tastier place!