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Fudgy Brownie Chocolate Chip
Fudgy Brownie Chocolate Chip
Fudgy Brownie Chocolate Chip
Fudgy Brownie Chocolate Chip
Fudgy Brownie Chocolate Chip

Fudgy Brownie Chocolate Chip

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When a brownie meets a cookie, it's a match made in heaven! Our Bakery-style double chocolate-chip kookies are what dreams are made of. The rich fudge cocoa taste and texture will have you guessing, is it a cookie? Or a brownie? It's open to interpretation, but we personally believe it is a perfect union of both! Forget death by chocolate, this is life by chocolate!




Smart Kookies are made with our own secret blend of natural & organic almond and coconut flours giving you the perfect cookie experience in every bite! Combined with non-gmo, natural plant-based sweetener Erythritol, these amazing kookies weigh in at just 1 net carb per two kookies!

Try them today and see why our kookies are the #1 best selling sugar and grain-free, keto-approved cookies in the marketplace! 


But wait.....there's more! Our kookies:

  • Taste like real cookies! (most important to any cookie connoisseur)
  • Helps you stick to your healthy lifestyle
  • Are made with all natural & clean ingredients
  • Help reduce sugar cravings
  • Make healthy snacking convenient


Bakery sealed freshness in every bag! 

Our Kookies are packaged and sealed directly from the cooling racks. Our bags are conveniently re-sealable so you can continue to keep the freshness locked in.


Disclaimer:  Eating Smart Kookies may result in decreased sugar cravings, sustained energy, and improvements in your general health. May also induce a state of euphoria and a sudden unwillingness to share.



Butter, non-gmo erythritol, non-gmo almond flour, organic cocoa,  organic coconut flour, egg, non-gmo dark chocolate chips (stevia-sweetened), Less than 2%: organic blackstrap molasses, vanilla extract, baking soda, xanthan gum, Pink Himalayan salt